Improvers Yoga Vol. 2 Download


Improvers Yoga Vol. 2 is a 62 minute class especially for those wishing to move on from the beginner level and experience greater understanding and benefits from their yoga practice. This class naturally progresses techniques and postures taught in Improvers Yoga Vol. 1.

Improvers Yoga Vol. 2 includes different postures to Vol. 1 and starts with a short guided relaxation to focus the mind and prepares the body for the session. It then continues with 18 yoga postures including The Plank, Sun Warrior and Mountain before it concludes with a longer guided relaxation. Each posture is introduced using clear, easy-to-follow expert tuition combined with a relaxing background music track that sets a perfect mood and pace.

The class is accompanied by a free visual reference PDF guide book that highlights the instructions and gives a series of reference photos for each yoga posture featured.

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