The Yoga 2 Hear audio yoga classes and teacher training courses have been devised to make yoga accessible to all. Yoga 2 Hear have been creating audio yoga classes since 2005. They started with just six classes and now offer an extensive range of audio yoga, meditation and relaxation for all levels with more than 100 different classes to choose from. Classes are available for the absolute beginner right through to the more experienced student. Bringing the benefits of yoga to a wider audience.

Yoga 2 Hear classes are created by leading yoga professional Sue Finch nee Fuller. Sue has been teaching yoga for over 25 years. Sue’s knowledge is often drawn upon by publications such as The Yoga Magazine, Natural Health, Om, Health and Fitness, Woman’s Weekly for quotes and articles. Sue spent a long time developing a way of instructing the Yoga 2 Hear class content so that it was easy to follow and perfect for audio. Once Sue has devised and developed a new class it is then professionally recorded and edited in a sound studio.

When you purchase a Yoga 2 Hear class it is yours to keep and follow as often as you like. This makes Yoga 2 Hear classes great value for money. Practicing yoga at home gives you more time for enjoying other aspects of your life. Plus, you will receive free support from Sue, just email Sue your questions.

Having your yoga class in an audio format allows you to focus 100% on the instructions without any visual distractions. Listening to your class makes it possible to tune into your body and connect with yourself on a deep level so that you get the most out of your yoga practice.

“I love your classes so much, I keep coming back for more, they are so easy to follow, Sue’s voice is always so relaxing, and the pace is just perfect, thank you.” Jeanne – Harrogate, United Kingdom.

The Yoga 2 Hear yoga and meditation teacher training courses provide teacher training you can trust. Sue’s years of experience and knowledge have all been drawn on to provide in-depth, knowledgeable and personalised teacher training. Sue delivers the content with clarity and awareness. She knows exactly what is required to become a yoga teacher and how to develop the skills and tools to help people become confident teachers that teach with wisdom, awareness and integrity.

Yoga 2 Hear are certified by the World Yoga Alliance as an Online Course Provider and a Registered School of Yoga. Yoga 2 Hear have been assessed by CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) and are approved by them as a CIMSPA Training Provider and Education Partner.

Yoga 2 Hear create audio yoga classes and yoga teacher training that you can trust.

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