• Become a certified Teacher of Meditation.

• Train with a recognised Meditation and Spiritual School.

• Gain a globally recognised 200 hour qualification.

• Work anywhere in the World.

• Develop skills to lead group classes, workshops, courses and 1-1 sessions.

• Learn at your own pace with unlimited support and guidance.

 Places strictly limited to provide individual tuition.

• Affordable training with no hidden costs.

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What does this course provide?

This course provides all the knowledge and skills to become a confident and versatile teacher of meditation. The Yoga 2 Hear Meditation Teacher training covers the history and evolution of meditation, the journey from east to west, ancient and modern practices, the science behind meditation, how meditation became a universal practice and how to combine this knowledge with effective teaching techniques. 

Teaching Meditation is highly rewarding, this course will help you develop all the necessary skills whilst encouraging you to embody the practice so that you can teach and format safe, achievable and effective meditation classes to all levels.

“If you can breathe, you can meditate and reap the many benefits.” 

Is this course suitable for me?

This Meditation Teacher Training is perfect for anyone who wants to launch a new career as a meditation teacher or deepen their understanding and awareness of meditation. 

Meditation brings so many benefits, it requires no equipment and anyone can do it. It is a fast-growing practice that provides a natural alternative treatment for many non-clinical ailments. It is estimated that globally more than 250 million people meditate, and as the benefits continue to reveal themselves this figure is likely to increase. To meet these demands there is a growing need globally for meditation teachers to guide people safely with awareness and compassion.

“It is no longer a spiritual friend recommending meditation, it is a health professional!”

How does the learning take place?

The Meditation Teacher Training Course is taught over five progressive modules. The training provides blended self-paced learning. Learn in the comfort of your own home with full support and guidance from course creator Sue Finch nee Fuller.

Sue has been teaching yoga and meditation globally for over 25 years, she has written courses for other organisations and has now drawn on all her experience as a lifelong meditator and teacher to create this course. 

Quality is Everything

Sue has spent years researching, planning, preparing and creating this course to ensure that it provides unique training that includes all the necessary skills to teach safe and effective meditation classes. 

Yoga 2 Hear is a CIMSPA training provider partner and a recognised online course provider.

Places on the course are strictly limited to ensure all students receive focussed individual attention. 

“Our aim is to encourage our teachers to teach from the heart with knowledge and compassion.” Sue.

Value for Money

Total Cost of the Course is £595

Pay just £100 to register. Then £99 for each of the five modules.

The course is competitively priced with no hidden extras. 

On completion you will gain a globally recognised teaching qualification.