Yoga teacher Sue Fuller

Hi, I’m Sue Fuller Yoga Teacher and Writer. I am the founder of Yoga 2 Hear the creators of audio yoga, meditation and relaxation classes. I have been teaching Yoga for over 25 years. I am passionate about sharing yoga with others and making yoga as accessible as possible. My goal is to make yoga available to anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits, whatever level they might be. I believe that there is a yoga practice suitable for everyone.

I have been practicing yoga all my adult life, I have experienced first-hand how yoga can enhance and enrich life and how yoga can provide support during challenging and changing times. Yoga provides a vast array of techniques and practices to improve and enhance general health and wellbeing. Yoga encourages physical and emotional balance and stability, along with a healthy body and a positive outlook.

I first came to yoga whilst studying dance. I found that during a yoga class I could listen to my body and connect with it on a deep level. The more I practiced yoga, the more the benefits of the practice began to unfold. I soon realised that yoga provided my body and mind with both the movement and stillness that it had been craving. I decided to focus my attention on the study of yoga. The more I learnt about yoga the more I wanted to share the practice and benefits with others.

I travelled to continue and deepen my knowledge of yoga, studying Yoga in India, with the Sivananda Organisation in Neyyar Dam, Kerala, Ashtanga Yoga with Vijay Amar in the Himalayas, I attended a ten-day Vipasana silent meditation retreat in McLeod Ganj. I continued my travels through India spending time in Rishikesh attending regular yoga and meditation classes. I then studied further courses and workshops at Yoga Arts in Byron Bay, Australia, Ashram Yoga in Auckland, N.Z, Tri Yoga and The Life Centre in London, U.K and many other Ashrams and centres around the globe.

The Indian town of Rishikesh
Lady practicing yoga on the beach doing the yoga pose upward facing dog

As I continued to explore yoga, I was asked by IMC vision to create a series of Yoga DVD’s. I have also written yoga teacher training courses for other schools and organisations and regular articles for magazines including the Yoga Magazine, Om, Natural Health, Health and Fitness and Woman’s Weekly. I continue to write Yoga and Yoga related articles and have done so now for over fifteen years. After many years of teaching yoga, meditation and relaxation I became a Yoga Elder with the Independent Yoga Network.

The Yoga 2 Hear Diploma in Teaching Yoga instructor course (released in 2021) has taken many years of planning, researching, recording, writing and dedication to create. I have drawn on all my knowledge to ensure that the course provides all the necessary skills and knowledge to teach yoga safely and effectively with wisdom, awareness and integrity.

“Sue is a leading Yoga Teacher” The Yoga Magazine

Beyond my yoga mat, I am a mother to two teenage children, I love walking, travelling, drinking tea and spending time outdoors with my family and our dogs Buddy and Luna.

Please contact Sue if you have any questions about yoga or Yoga 2 Hear.