Discover more about leading Yoga teacher and writer Sue Fuller

Hi I’m Sue, I am the creator of the Yoga 2 Hear range of audio yoga classes and the Yoga 2 Hear Diploma in Teaching Yoga (released in 2021). The Yoga 2 Hear Diploma has taken years of planning, researching, recording and writing to create a informative teacher training course that is internationally recognised by the World Yoga Alliance.

I have been teaching yoga since 1995, I am a course author for the BSY, a columnist for Natural Health and the Yoga Magazine and a Yoga Elder with the Independent Yoga Network. 

I love practicing and sharing yoga, I have practiced yoga continuously since 1990 and have experienced first-hand some of the many benefits that yoga brings. Yoga without a doubt provides a continuous pathway of learning and discovery.

I have spent and continue to spend time exploring all of the aspects of yoga, each discovery or revelation varies greatly upon current circumstances, this makes yoga even more multi layered. My own studies inspire me and motivate me to share yoga with others. There are so many benefits to be gained from practicing yoga; this in itself makes me want to make yoga as accessible as possible.

Yoga is suitable for everyone. Yoga techniques include sitting or lying breathing slowly to more advanced postures that require a higher degree of strength and flexibility. Whatever your requirements are, if you can breathe you can perform some kind of yoga.

I first came to yoga in my late teens; I instantly fell in love with yoga and all the benefits I was experiencing. Very soon yoga became a way of life.

Since 1995 I have taught and studied yoga globally. I have explored all the different styles of yoga and attended many different training courses and retreats.  I spent time in India practicing yoga and studying to teach yoga with the Sivananda organisation as well as visiting many different ashrams and completing a ten day Vipasana meditation course. I have led retreats, teacher training courses, themed workshops and have devised and presented a series of 9 Yoga DVDs.

Eventually in 2005 I began to create audio yoga classes, I decided that audio was the perfect medium as there is no visual distraction and very little equipment is required. 

Over the years I have witnessed many changes within the yoga industry and the growth and popularity of this ancient eastern science is amazing.  However, with this surge of popularity, could we be endanger of yoga loosing some of its depth and relevance? I feel passionate that this ancient eastern science should maintain its true essence, through my yoga, my teaching, writing and Yoga 2 Hear I want to help to keep the true essence of yoga alive.

A little bit more about me, I love to laugh, travel and explore, (I also love to drink tea!). I am a mother to two children and together we love exploring the great outdoors, from camping to bush walking, nothing brings me more pleasure than time with my family living and loving life.

As a Yoga Teacher I believe that your practice should be all about you, so please ask me any questions so that you too can get the most out of your yoga.



"Sue Fuller is a leading yoga teacher". The Yoga Magazine.

"I first experienced Sue's yoga classes in person when I was living in New Zealand. I've been going to various yoga classes since my early 20's (over 30 years ago!) and found that I just loved Sue's way of teaching. She has such a clear, simple and spacious way of speaking and demonstrating the poses and I always found that I deeply relaxed and was able to bring some subtle but significant adjustments to poses I'd been doing for years. Sue's a beautiful person and a wonderful yoga teacher and I was delighted when I found she had produced a range of Yoga downloads. I love to do my home yoga to her instructions with the soft music background. In fact I find that I do it more often – it’s so much more motivating to follow a CD than to 'make' myself do it alone. Highly recommended!"  Babula Clement, Astrologer, Brisbane, Australia.

"Sue's Yoga 2 Hear classes clearly convey her knowledge, passion and commitment to yoga to all who use them."  Margaret P - NY, NY.