Yoga 2 Hear Refund Policy

Yoga 2 Hear Refund Policy

All Yoga 2 Hear audio yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses including individual modules are digital products, they are therefore deemed “used” after download or opening and no longer qualify for a refund. Yoga 2 Hear have the right to replace any digital product that is faulty.

Faulty Files

If you notify Yoga 2 Hear within 30 days of purchase it is possible to receive a full or part refund for a faulty digital product.

Products Bought in Error

If you bought a Yoga 2 Hear audio yoga class, mp3 or podcast in error, please do not access the file as once you do, Yoga 2 Hear can no longer offer you a refund. Contact Yoga 2 hear immediately and explain that you bought a product in error, if the product has not been downloaded Yoga 2 Hear may offer you a replacement or refund.

Registration Fees

All yoga and meditation teacher training registration fees and costs are non-refundable.

Teacher Training Module Fees

Each module that forms part of a Yoga 2 Hear Teacher Training course is sold as a digital product, once digital content is downloaded or accessed it is deemed as used and is therefore non-refundable. Private lessons attended as part of teacher training courses are also non-refundable.

If for any reason teacher training is discontinued by the learner fees are non refundable for modules that have been downloaded or private classes that have been attended.

Teacher training is paid for module at a time, the learner may take breaks during training. 

All teacher training attended and accessed is non-refundable.