Diploma in Teaching Yoga

• Become a Fully Accredited Yoga Instructor.

• Gain a Globally recognised Qualification.

• Work anywhere in the World.

• Study at your own Pace.

• Flexible Online Learning with Full Support and Guidance.

• Yoga 2 Hear are a CIMSPA Training Provider Partner and a World Yoga Alliance Accredited School.

• Course Creator Sue Fuller has been Teaching Yoga Professionally for over 25 years.

• Competitively Priced, with no Hidden Costs.

• Instalment Options Available.

• Embark on a Rewarding Career as a Yoga Instructor Today!

What does this course provide?

The Yoga 2 Hear 300 hour Diploma in Teaching Yoga is a completely flexible, comprehensive online course that provides a globally recognised yoga teaching qualification.

The yoga instructor course naturally progresses over ten modules and provides the in-depth knowledge, teaching techniques and class formatting needed for you to create and lead safe, effective and authentic yoga classes with confidence and integrity.

The course includes the history, philosophy, and the evolution of yoga, there are sections covering Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology as well as Asana, Meditation, Relaxation, Pranayama and much more. The course has been rated as excellent by the World Yoga Alliance.

Throughout the course you will receive unlimited personalised support and advice from Sue Fuller. Sue has been described by the Yoga Magazine as “A Leading Teacher”. Sue says “I will ensure that you get the most out of your training. As you progress through the course, you’ll develop a deep understanding of the content and the practise of Yoga so that you complete the course feeling confident and ready to embark on your new career as a Yoga Teacher”.

 “This course is so informative. I’m learning so much but never feel overwhelmed. Sue’s knowledge is obviously extensive and she delivers the content in a really effective way.” Carole P – I.O.W.

Is this course suitable for me?

If you want to embark on a new career as a a fully qualified Yoga teacher, working whenever and wherever you choose this course is perfect for you. Or if you have a keen interest in Yoga and want to develop your knowledge and understanding of the subject this is a great way to achieve your aims

This yoga instructor course offers affordable, achievable, in-depth training in all aspects of Yoga. You study and practice in your own time so it can fit around your existing commitments. If life becomes busy you can pause your studies and your payments and continue when you are ready.

 Sue says “Life can be busy. This can make retraining difficult. This course has been devised to fit into your life to provide practical and adaptable training so that you develop all the knowledge required to launch a new career as a yoga teacher.”

“The Yoga 2 Hear teacher training course fits perfectly into my life. I have three young children so attending residential training weekends was not an option! I can now study whenever I have time and there are no deadlines to meet”. Shelley J – Cumbria.

How does the learning take place?

The Yoga 2 Hear Diploma in Teaching Yoga is taught over ten modules, all of which can be followed in your own time. Study in the comfort of your own home and learn at your own pace.

Each module is delivered to your inbox when required. The modules contain a textbook in PDF format, audio practices for you to follow and explore, detailed posture studies and an assessment to be completed and submitted via email.

Sue Fuller will be available to provide you with any personalised tuition or guidance you need so that you graduate feeling confident and ready to launch your new career as a yoga teacher.

There are no hidden costs or extra attendance requirements; this means no need to take time away from work, family or other commitments.

“Sue is a leading Yoga Teacher.” The Yoga Magazine.

Is this course accredited?

This yoga instructor course excelled in the international education standards of the globally recognised World Yoga Alliance and is certified by them as a 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Yoga 2 Hear are also certified by the World Yoga Alliance as an Online Course Provider and a Registered School of Yoga.

Yoga 2 Hear have been assessed by CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) and are approved by them as a CIMSPA Training Provider and Education Partner. This provides all Yoga 2 Hear training courses with a second, powerful, internationally recognised ‘stamp of approval’.

Successful completion of the course permits entry to the World Yoga Alliance or any other yoga governing body and will allow you to obtain public liability insurance and work as a yoga teacher anywhere in the world.

Sue Fuller - Background and Experience

This course has been devised and created by leading yoga teacher Sue Fuller. Sue has been teaching individuals, group classes, workshops and retreats around the world for over 25 years. She has previously written and taught Yoga Teacher Training courses for other organisations and writes for Yoga and lifestyle magazines including Health and Fitness, Natural Health, Om the Yoga Magazine and Women’s Weekly.

“Sue, the structure and sequencing of your classes is fantastic” - Babula, N.S.W.

Throughout her career Sue has continued to study and learn about Yoga and has dedicated much of her life to learning more and sharing it with others. In 2005 she launched the Yoga 2 Hear website and a range of 6 downloadable audio Yoga classes, to help make yoga more accessible. Today there are more than 100 Yoga 2 Hear audio classes available covering Yoga, Relaxation, Meditation and much more. The Yoga 2 Hear website has become a valuable resource for those wishing to learn more about Yoga and related subjects through Sue’s extensive knowledge.

“Yoga brings so many benefits when practiced mindfully. You don’t need to be flexible or strong to gain from the practice, yoga is suitable for everyone.” Sue Fuller.

Quality Assurance

Sue has spent years researching, planning, preparing and creating this course.

“I value my reputation and that of Yoga 2 Hear enormously. I want my students to become confident, knowledgeable, understanding teachers that teach from the heart. I believe the Yoga 2 Hear Diploma in Teaching Yoga provides all the tools required to help them achieve this and I am offering my unlimited support and guidance for the duration of your training and beyond”. Sue Fuller.

The course is fully accredited by the World Yoga Alliance and Yoga 2 Hear is a CIMSPA Training Provider and Education Partner.