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I have bought a download how do I access my class?
You can do this in one of two ways, either go to your account page on our web site all your classes are stored on your account forever. Or click on the box that reads Access Your Content Now on your receipt. Once you click you can choose to save your class/classes to your device or listen directly from your account.
I have a new device how do I download my audio classes again?
Your classes are yours to keep, just visit your account page and you can access the content again and save them to another device.
I need advice as to which class to buy?
Please email Yoga 2 Hear and let us know how long you have been practicing yoga and if you have any additional requirements, so we can suggest some classes for you.
What happens if I forget my login details?
When you visit the login page, just click on the orange link that says forgot your password? A link will be delivered to your email address for you to reset your password
What devices can I listen to your classes on?
Any device that allows you to play and store audio files or that you can access your account from.
What equipment do I need for your classes?
The only piece of equipment that we highly recommend is a yoga mat.
How will I receive my session?
After you have purchased your session, you will receive an email that contains a link to access your content, click on the link and download your audio yoga, relaxation or meditation session.
How long does it take to complete the 300hour Diploma in Teaching Yoga Course?
The course is to be completed in your own time, how long it takes for you to complete it depends upon how much time each week you study.
Why is your Diploma in Teaching Yoga course 300hours?
The content and delivery of course was assessed by the World Yoga Alliance. They awarded Yoga 2 Hear a 300hour accreditation, due to the content and delivery of the course.
Is a 300hour qualification better than a 200hour qualification?
Yes! A 300hour teacher training course will provide you with a solid foundation and more credibility as a Yoga Teacher. It means that you studied for longer and moved deeper into the practice.
Do I have any time restrictions to complete the yoga teacher training courses?
No, you can take as long as you like. You will receive unlimited support and guidance.
Do I pay monthly instalments for the teacher training course?
No, you pay per module, when you send in an assessment your next module is unlocked when you make the payment for it.
Do I need to be fully qualified to start teaching yoga?
There is no governing body that says you need to be fully qualified to teach yoga classes, we recommend that you find a small group to practice teaching, prior to your final assessment. However, you will need public liability insurance, often this can only be purchased with a recognised qualification.
What happens if I need to take a break from my yoga teacher training studies?
It is fine to pause your teacher training studies, let Yoga 2 Hear know and then start again when you are ready. You will receive full support and guidance so if you need a recap or a tutorial to refresh yourself after your break please ask.
Can I join a Yoga governing body if I study with Yoga 2 Hear?
Yes, you can join the World Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance Professionals or any other governing body that stipulates that your training must be 200hours or more.
Do I need insurance to teach yoga?
Yes, check in the country you are teaching in, but many places will require public liability insurance.

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