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The Yoga 2 Hear Easy Yoga for Stress is a 35 minute guided audio yoga class suitable for all levels. The session contains a selection of easy to follow yoga postures and techniques that have been specifically selected to reduce stress, whilst encouraging and enhancing deep physical and mental relaxation.

The techniques and postures included in the Easy Yoga for Stress audio yoga class will help to disperse and eliminate physical stress by rhythmically moving body and bringing mobility to the areas of the body where stress is commonly stored. 

This audio yoga class provides a natural solution to help lower and balance stress levels. It will also clear and calm the mind and leave you feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed.

All Yoga 2 Hear audio yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses are devised and narrated by leading yoga, meditation and relaxation teacher and writer Sue Fuller.

For instant access, complete your purchase, download Easy Yoga for Stress and start your yoga practise now. You can download your audio yoga class podcast via your confirmation email or from your Yoga 2 Hear account page where it is stored forever.

Enjoy yoga anytime, wherever and whenever you choose.