Lady sitting crossed legged looking out to sea in a yoga pose

Prana Mudra - Energy Gesture

January 02, 2019

Prana Mudra - Energy Gesture 

This mudra is an energy enhancer. It is the ginseng of yoga. It takes just minutes to perform and has an extremely positive effect.  

Prana Mudra will raise energy levels by removing any blockages and dispersing all stagnant energy so that pranic energy can flow freely around the body. 

Prana Mudra Yoga PoseBegin sitting comfortably with a straight back and the ankles crossed. Lightly close your eyes and breathe slowly in and out through the nose.   

Place your hands in your lap with one on top of the other  and the palms facing up. Begin with a deep inhalation followed by a full exhalation. Whilst exhaling draw up the pelvic floor muscles (Mula bandha). Release the pelvic floor muscles as you inhale and slowly lift the arms and hands keeping the palms facing the body, continue to lift until the hands are above the head. Allow the hands to part to create a “Y” shape with your arms. Retain the breath for a comfortable duration whilst imagining prana (vital life force) travelling freely throughout the body. As the breath is released lower the arms out to the side whilst activating Mula Bandha by drawing up the pelvic floor muscles and return the hands to your starting position . Repeat for five to ten complete cycles. 

Do not perform breath retentions if you have high or low blood pressure, heart disease or if you are pregnant.

Prana Mudra can be found in the Yoga 2 Hear Yoga for Vitality audio yoga class and the Yoga 2 Hear Pranayama for Beginners class.