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Yin Yoga Class 2 is a 65 minute audio yoga class, it is suitable for all levels of ability and experience. The class includes a selection of effective held yin yoga postures and breathing exercises to provide a deeply restorative yin practice. This class includes a different selection of yin yoga poses and provides the natural progression for Yin Yoga Class 1.

The class will deeply relax both body and mind and help to release and disperse deep set stored tension from within the body. It is easy-to-follow and mixed to a subtle background music track which sets the perfect relaxed mood for the class.

For those that like a visual reference Yin Yoga Class 1 is accompanied by a free PDF guide book that highlights the instructions and gives a reference photo for each posture included in the audio yoga class.

Yin Yoga Class 1 is instructed by Charlotte Saint Jean. Charlotte has trained with many of the World’s great yogis, her passion for sharing yoga becomes evident as she delivers this beautiful, nurturing practice.