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The Yoga 2 Hear Meditation for Beginners is an easy to follow 45-minute guided audio meditation class. This class includes a variety of techniques devised with the absolute beginner in mind. The class introduces achievable methods and techniques, including floor-based practices as well as seated practices.

There are lots of different ways to experience meditation, this class will help those who are new to meditation develop an achievable practise. Meditation is easy to do, it requires no equipment, just a regular practise and very soon it becomes possible to obtain a meditative state and enjoy all the benefits that meditation brings.

Do not feel that you must engage in the whole class at any one time, start slowly from the beginning. Aim to gradually lengthen the time that you spend meditating, remember to breathe slowly and if you become distracted guide your attention back to the practise. Starting with a short achievable meditation session is more beneficial than no meditation. Over time and with a regular practise more time will be spent in a meditative state, this usually happens naturally. Never force the process it will evolve with time and consistent practise.

The free PDF guide booklet that accompanies this class contains tips to help you sustain a meditation practise.

All Yoga 2 Hear audio yoga classes and teacher training courses are devised and narrated by leading yoga teacher Sue Fuller.