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Learn to Meditate - The Mindfulness of Breathing is ideal for both complete beginners and experienced meditators. It contains two easy-to-follow 35 minute audio meditation classes, created to introduce and progress this meditation technique.

Mindfulness brings so many benefits; it is easy to do. It helps to clear and focus the mind, whilst reducing stress and increasing our ability to engage with the current moment in time which helps us to live more fully.

Both of the sessions begin with body awareness techniques to prepare the body and mind. The first guided meditation session teaches a basic technique to help focus the mind and bring awareness to the breath, the second meditation session naturally progresses the techniques taught in the first session. At the end of each session time is spent sitting quietly for a few minutes to absorb the effects and reorient your awareness outwards.

Rae Roberts has devised and narrated these sessions, she is an internationally renowned meditation teacher who has practiced, studied and taught various meditation techniques for more than 40 years.  Her easy-to-follow expert instructions are combined with subtle background music soundscapes which set the perfect mood for the practice.

For those that like a visual reference Learn to Meditate - The Mindfulness of Breathing is accompanied by a free PDF guide booklet that provides photographs and lots of background information to help you get the most from the sessions.