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Learn to Meditate - The Metta Bhavana contains two easy-to-follow guided audio meditation sessions. The meditation sessions have been devised to introduce and progress the powerful loving kindness (metta bhavana) meditation for complete beginners and experienced meditators.

The first guided meditation is a 42 minute practice and the second is a 20 minute quick version of the practice ideal to follow when you do not have time for the longer session. Both guided meditations begin with a body awareness practise to focus your attention onto your body, especially your heart centre. You are then guided through the meditation practice in 5 clear stages. At the end of each meditation session you are encouraged to sit quietly for a few moments to absorb the effects of the meditation and slowly reorient your awareness.

With regular practice, loving kindness (Metta) can be developed and grown (Bhavana) into a very strong emotion that has the potential to influence every aspect of your life and your interactions with others. Whilst cultivating loving kindness towards others you will be wishing them well but in the process you’re changing yourself. You’re cultivating the habit of being loving, and in time and with practice, reflection, and discipline this percolates through into your actions.

Rae Roberts an internationally renowned meditation teacher who has practiced, studied and taught various meditation techniques for more than 40 years, has devised and narrated these sessions. Her easy-to-follow instructions are combined with subtle background soundscapes that set the perfect mood for the practice.