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No Seriously, It's Laughter Yoga! Laughter yoga leader Linda Woodgate takes you through two fantastic versions of a laughter yoga class devised specifically to get you smiling and feeling fantastic. 

Both laughter yoga classes are clearly instructed by Linda Woodgate and her irresistibly infectious laugh. The classes will leave you smiling from ear to ear whilst feeling happy, energised and relaxed. The first Laughter Yoga class is 22 minutes in length and the second is a shorter 11 minute version, especially for those days when you have less time.

Both classes are clearly instructed by Linda Woodgate and recorded and edited in a professional sound studio.

The classes include clapping and movement, yogic breathing, laughter exercises such as The Expanding Ball and Reach for the Sky. Both end with short relaxation sessions set to soothing background music.

For those that like a visual reference The Laughter Yoga audio yoga class includes a free PDF visual reference guide booklet that provides photos of each simple movement used.

Linda Woodgate would like to show their appreciation to the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga for providing permission to enable us to create and share these teachings and include them within our range of classes - thank you.