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These Inspirational Relaxations are suitable for everyone. They contain four magical guided visualisation sessions that take you on different journeys, each session gently guides you to a beautiful place deep within your imagination to find relaxation and inspiration from within.

Inspirational Relaxations is made up of four different sessions. The Crystal Cave Relaxation, Colour Relaxation and Flower Relaxation are each 20 minutes long and are followed whilst lying down. The Waterfall of White Light Relaxation is a 10 minute session which is followed whilst comfortably seated. These guided relaxation sessions can be followed at anytime and in any order. Each session is enhanced by a subtle background music soundscape that supports the journey and carries you deeper into your relaxation and journey through your experience.

These inspirational relaxation sessions have been created by Yoga and Relaxation expert Maureen McKain. Maureen leads you gently through each of the guided visualization journeys using beautiful natural images that will inspire and relax you over and over again!

For those that like a visual reference the Inspirational Relaxations is accompanied by a free PDF guide booklet that gives hints and tips on how to get maximum benefit from the sessions.

This audio should not be listened to whilst driving.