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The Yoga 2 Hear Gentle Yoga Vinyasas contains two different 30-minute nurturing floor based flowing yoga practices.

These audio yoga classes move the body smoothly through a series of floor-based yoga postures, each movement performed is synchronised to the flow of the breath. Moving in such a way creates a mindful practise. As each move is assisted by the breath, the body is carried safely through the practise. Focussing on the flow of breath will help to soothe a busy mind and induce a deep sense of inner peace so that the body moves into a state of relaxation and the mind is able to clear and become stiller.

This audio yoga class is perfect for beginners and all those experienced practitioners that are looking for a nurturing yoga class.

The easy-to-follow instructions are professionally mixed to a relaxing background music track. And for all those that like a visual reference this Yoga 2 Hear audio yoga class accompanied by a free PDF guidebook, that contains an image of every posture included in the practice.

The word Vinyasa translates from the Ancient Language of Sanskrit in the following way, Vin = Special and Ayasa = to place. During Vinyasa the body is placed or moved in a special way, usually the aid of the breath. This is where term breath synchronised movement has evolved from and why this is often the popular translation given to the word Vinyasa. Vinyasa is a mindful practice during which the breath enhances the experience.

All Yoga 2 Hear audio yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses are devised and narrated by leading yoga teacher Sue Fuller.

For instant access, complete your purchase, download Gentle Yoga Vinyasas and practise yoga anytime. You can download your audio yoga class podcast via your confirmation email or from your Yoga 2 Hear account page where it is stored indefinitely.

Practise yoga anytime, wherever and whenever you choose.