The Yoga 2 Hear Diploma in Teaching Yoga course provides you with two prestigious global certifications. The course has been accredited by the Yoga Alliance as a RYS200 under their new elevated standards. The course has also been assessed as a 300 hour qualification by the World Yoga Alliance in India and rated by them as excellent. 

The course has been created to provide in-depth, easy to follow online tuition that progresses naturally through ten modules. It will provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to teach and format safe and effective yoga classes. The course explores ancient techniques and integrates them into a modern practise so that they are as relevant and beneficial today as they were thousands of years ago. 

How the Learning Takes Place

The course provides self-paced online learning. It is taught over ten progressive modules. Each module contains a textbook, audio practical sessions, live 1 to 1 tuition and an assessment. Over the duration of the training, you will explore and learn to teach over 40 different yoga postures and their adaptations and progressions. You will discover how different postures naturally transition into each other and how to sequence and deliver safe and effective yoga classes plus so much.

Module 1 - An Introduction and a Solid Foundation 

This module explores the following and more: – 

• What is Yoga 

• Yoga Today 

• The Role of a Yoga Teacher 

• Breath Awareness 

• Yoga Practices for the Complete Beginner 

Module 2 - The Umbrella of Hatha Yoga 

This module explores the following and more: – 

• The Umbrella of Yoga 

• The Benefits of Yoga 

• The Yoga Lifestyle 

• Yoga Figureheads

 • Yoga Practices for Beginners 

Module 3 – Exploring Yoga History and Philosophy 

This module explores the following and more: – 

• The Eight Limbs of Yoga 

• Ancient Yoga Texts 

• The Four Paths of Yoga 

• The Pancha Koshas 

• Yoga Flow for the Complete Beginner

Module 4 – Prana and the Breath 

This module explores the following and more: – 

• The Mechanics of Breathing 

• Prana and Pranayama 

• The Pancha Prana Vayus 

• Pranayama Practise 

• Teaching Pranayamas

Module 5 – The Energetic Body 

This module explores the following and more: – 

• The Chakra System 

• Yoga and the Chakras 

• Nadis, Granthis, Bandhas and Mudras 

• Agni and Tapas 

• Doshas 

Module 6 – Teaching and Formatting Classes 

This module explores the following and more: – 

• Teaching and Structuring Yoga Classes, Courses and Workshops 

• Lesson Planning 

• Yoga and the Mind 

• The Yamas and Niyamas for Teachers and Students 

Module 7 - How the Body Works 

This module explores the following and more: – 

• Anatomy and Physiology Overview 

• The Skeletal System 

• The Muscular System 

• The Main Systems of the Body 

• The Vagus Nerve 

• Exploring Balancing Postures 

Module 8 - Relaxation, Nidra and Meditation 

This module explores the following and more: – 

• Relaxation Techniques 

• Yoga Nidra 

• Meditation Practices 

• Aum 

• The Mind 

Module 9 - Yoga and Health 

This module explores the following and more: –

• Yoga and Health Overview 

• Precautions 

• Yoga and the Immune System 

• Sanskrit Terminology for Teachers 

Module 10 - The Matrix of Yoga and Putting your Knowledge into Practise 

This module explores the following and more: – 

• Exploring Connections 

• How to Create a CV and Biography 

• Creating Effective Classes 

• Grace 


The first 9 modules are accompanied by minor end of module assessments. There is a further final assessment which is to be submitted after completion of module 10 along with a practical assessment. To complete the practical assessment, you will be required to format and teach a class to Yoga 2 Hear founder Sue Fuller or another member of the Yoga 2 Hear team via Zoom or another video call service. 


This course has been developed and created by Sue Fuller using her many years of research, learning and teaching experience. Sue and other members of the Yoga 2 Hear team are available to provide whatever support you need during your training with Yoga 2 Hear. You are encouraged to email any questions, request a tutorial, a live 1-1 session, or ask for advice whenever it is required. 

Our Commitment to You. 

Yoga 2 Hear are fully committed to helping all those who train with us become confident, knowledgeable and versatile yoga teachers. We value our reputation and yours. Together we can enhance the wellbeing of all those we teach and help maintain the true essence of yoga whilst it continues to evolve and flourish.