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Daily Meditations - The Metta Bhavana includes six different 13 minute guided meditation sessions. They are suitable for all levels including beginners. The first session takes you through all five stages of the Metta Bhavana meditation. The other sessions direct focus towards one particular stage of the meditation whilst still working through all five stages.

The Daily Meditations - The Metta Bhavana guided meditation sessions can be followed whilst in any comfortable seated position. The meditation sessions are short and practical and can easily be fitted into your day. They will allow you to develop, and then send your Metta or loving kindness outwards in wider, and wider circles, 

Practicing Metta Bhavana brings many benefits. With regular practice, Metta (loving kindness) can be developed and grown (bhavana) into a very strong emotion that has the potential to affect every aspect of your life and interactions with others. Whilst cultivating loving kindness towards others you will be wishing them well but in the process you are changing yourself. You are cultivating the habit of being loving, and in time and with practice, this percolates through into your actions.

The Daily Meditations - The Metta Bhavana sessions are devised and instructed by Rae Roberts. Rae is an internationally renowned meditation teacher who has practiced, studied and taught various meditation techniques for more than 40 years. Her easy-to-follow expert tuition was recorded in a professional recording studio and has been combined with subtle background music to set the perfect mood for the meditation practices.

Daily Meditations - The Metta Bhavana is accompanied by a PDF guide booklet that provides reference photographs and lots of background information about the Metta Bhavana meditation to help you get the most from the sessions.