Beginners Yoga Vol. 2 Download


Beginners Yoga Vol. 2 is an easy to follow 60 minute class that has been devised for the absolute beginner. The class naturally progresses from Beginners Yoga Vol. 1 and continues to provide a solid foundation in basic yoga practices and techniques.

Beginners Yoga Vol. 2 begins with a short guided relaxation that clears the mind and prepares the body for the session. The class then continues with 16 carefully selected simple and effective yoga postures that include The Staff, Dancer and Triangle before concluding with a longer guided relaxation. Each posture is introduced using clear, easy-to-follow instruction which is combined with a soothing background music track.

The Beginners Yoga Vol. 2 class is accompanied by a free PDF guide book that highlights the instructions and gives a series of reference photos for each yoga posture featured.

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