Beginners Yoga Vol. 1 Download


Beginners Yoga Vol. 1 is an easy to follow 60 minute class that has been devised to provide a foundation in yoga for the absolute beginner. The class clearly instructs a series of simple and effective yoga postures for those wishing to discover yoga and enjoy its many benefits.

Beginners Yoga Vol. 1 begins with a short guided relaxation session to focus the mind and prepare the body for the session. The class then guides you expertly through 14 yoga postures including Spinal Twist, Tree, Warrior 2 and Cat before concluding with a longer guided relaxation. Each posture is introduced using clear, easy-to-follow instruction which is combined with a soothing background music track.

The class is accompanied by a free PDF guide book that highlights the instructions and gives a series of reference photos for each yoga posture featured.

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