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The Yoga 2 Hear 45 minutes of Chair Yoga is gentle by nature. The class includes achievable movements, postures, and practices that are to be performed whilst seated on a firm chair.

The class provides a safe, nurturing practice. Bringing yoga to all those who find a mat based class un-suitable or for those who are looking for a gentle seated yoga practice. It provides an alternative practice for those that already follow the Yoga on a Chair audio sessions.  45 minutes of Chair Yoga is perfect for anyone who experiences restricted or limited movement, or is recovering from an illness or injury. The class encourages mindful movement and induces a state of deep relaxation.

45 Minutes of Chair Yoga includes a selection of seated yoga practices, including pranayama (breathing practices), mudra (hand gestures), bandha (locks created by muscular contractions), asana (yoga postures) and relaxation techniques. Throughout the session the body is moved slowly and mindfully to gently enhance mobility and strength whilst being supported by the chair. The class will help to relax both body and mind and encourage deep relaxation whilst exploring the power of the breath.

Enjoy yoga anytime, wherever and whenever you choose.

All Yoga 2 Hear audio yoga, meditation and relaxation classes and yoga teacher training courses are devised and narrated by leading yoga teacher and writer Sue Fuller.