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The Yoga 2 Hear Yoga for Confidence is made up of four separate 15 minute audio yoga classes. Each session includes carefully selected combinations of yoga breathing techniques (pranayamas), yoga gestures (mudras) and visualisation techniques to make you feel good and naturally boost self-confidence. Yoga for confidence is suitable for those that are complete beginners to yoga and those that are more experienced practitioners that wish to explore these techniques.

Each of the Yoga for Confidence audio sessions teaches techniques that can be drawn on to help increase self esteem. The sessions are clearly instructed and easy-to-follow, each one is combined with a different subtle background music track to form a practical and effective class that could help to make a difference to your self-esteem and confidence.

For those that like a visual reference the Yoga for Confidence audio sessions are accompanied by a free visual reference PDF guide booklet that highlights the instruction, provides reference photos and gives helpful tips on how to get the most from the sessions.

Receive instant access, complete your purchase, download Yoga for Confidence and start practicing yoga at anytime. You can download your audio yoga class podcast via your confirmation email or from your Yoga 2 Hear account page where it is stored indefinitely.

Enjoy yoga, relaxation & meditation anytime, wherever and whenever you choose.

All Yoga 2 Hear audio yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses are devised and narrated by leading yoga, meditation and relaxation teacher and writer Sue Fuller.