Pelvic Floor Yoga Download


The Yoga 2 Hear Pelvic Floor Yoga Class contains two 15 minute pelvic floor yoga sessions, one to be followed whilst lying and one to be followed whilst seated.

These sessions have been devised to help strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles. A well-toned pelvic floor will help maintain bladder and bowel control and could help to prevent any internal prolapses from occurring or progressing. The pelvic floor muscles also provide support for the pelvis and lower back and form part of the group of muscles referred to as the core muscles.

The Pelvic Floor muscles may weaken over time if not regularly exercised, daily pelvic floor exercises do not take long to perform and are very discreet to do. This audio yoga class will teach you valuable pelvic floor exercises that you can perform as and when required at a time and place that is most suitable for you.

 This class has been devised and narrated by leading yoga teacher Sue Fuller. Sue has been teaching yoga since 1995, she is the creator of the Yoga 2 Hear range of audio yoga classes, a regular columnist for the Yoga Magazine and Natural Health and a course author for the British School of Yoga.

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