Prenatal Yoga Download


This Prenatal Yoga class offers a safe, practical, effective and supportive 45 minute class specifically created for mums-to-be. The class can be used during the entire pregnancy and is suitable for those with and without previous yoga experience.

The Yoga 2 Hear Prenatal Yoga class includes a selection of safe, practical and effective postures that will encourage and enhance a healthy pregnancy. It also helps to prepare and support the body during pregnancy and birth, the class promotes deep relaxation and will strengthen the bond between mother and baby. The instructions are combined with a soothing background music track to form a relaxing class that can be used again and again.

Prenatal Yoga is accompanied by a free PDF guide booklet that highlights the instruction, provides reference photos and gives helpful tips on how to get the most from the class, please download your copy from Yoga2Hear.

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