Meditating on the Vayus Download


Meditating on the Vayus contains four different guided meditation sessions suitable for everyone. Each session uses a range of simple techniques that will enable you to discover, enhance and balance the movement of energy around your body. The sessions work well with all other yoga, pranayama and meditation practices. Meditating on the Vayus will take your knowledge to a whole new level and leave you feeling energised and balanced!

In yoga, Prana is regarded as our vital life force, it is the energy present throughout the entire universe andit is shared by every living being.

Prana flows in many different directions, these different flows of prana are known as Vayus (Vayu translates to mean wind). Within the body there are five main flows of prana, these are known as the Pancha Prana Vayus. Meditating on the Vayus focuses on these five main flows.  Each session is fairly short. Three are 15 minutes in length and are followed whilst seated. The fourth is a little longer at 25 minutes and is followed whilst lying down. All use clear instruction that is suitable for all.

Each Vayu influences different actions, organs, emotions and moods. When prana flows freely through all of the vayus we can experience physical and emotional balance and an incredible sense of wellbeing.

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