Gentle Daily Yoga Download


Gentle Daily Yoga sessions include five different fifteen minute sessions devised to be followed one a day. Each session includes a variety of floor based postures to gently mobilise the body and encourage physical and emotional well-being without placing any stress on the body. 

These yoga sessions are not physically demanding; they are perfect for those with restricted movement, recovering from injury or illness, those who have not exercised before, anyone who has had a long break from regular exercise or never exercised before and those with little or no previous yoga experience.

The sessions feature simple and effective yoga postures taught using clear, easy-to-follow instruction combined with soothing background music. The postures are performed in sitting and laying positions and will gently mobilise and release tension from the body.

Each session concludes with a short guided relaxation section to leave you feeling both refreshed and calm.

The Gentle Daily Yoga sessions are accompanied by a free PDF guide booklet that highlights the instructions and gives a series of reference photos for each yoga posture featured.

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