Chakra Meditations Download


Chakra Meditations contains two different guided meditation sessions. Devised especially to help you acheive and maintain optimal levels of physical and emotional health, to reach this goal it is vital that the Chakras are clear, well balanced and resonating correctly.

The two easy-to-follow Yoga 2 Hear Chakra Mediations sessions will cleanse and balance the Chakras, by removing blockages that obstruct the flow of prana (vital life force) from the seven main Chakras and your physical body. Free flowing prana brings many benefits including increased well-being and emotional health and stability.

The first Chakra Meditation session runs for 20 minutes and can be followed whilst sitting or lying. The second session runs for 30 minutes and is to be followed whilst sitting. Both sessions use clear, expert guidance to lead you through simple and effective techniques.

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