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Easy Everyday Mindfulness includes 5 easy to follow different mindfulness practices that can be followed at any time during the day. These audio sessions are suitable for all levels including those that are complete beginners. Mindfulness is something that everyone can do, with a little practise being mindful becomes part of your daily routine. Follow one mindfulness practise a day to experience and learn different techniques.

Practicing mindfulness requires no equipment, it is something that everyone is capable of doing and with practise it will filter into day to day activities. To develop mindfulness all that is required is attention. Through mindfulness it is possible to become completely present and engage fully in current activities, it also helps to reduce stress, clear and focus the mind and induce deep relaxation.

Each session is approximately 15 minutes in duration and should be followed from start to finish. Sit in a firm chair with a straight spine and your feet firmly on the floor. Try to avoid slouching or slumping in the chair. Work to maintain good alignment whilst following these exercises. We suggest you set aside more than enough time for your session and find a warm, quiet area away from external distractions.

Enjoy instant access, complete your purchase, download Easy Everyday Mindfulness and practise mindfulness now. You can download your audio mindfulness meditation class podcast via your confirmation email or from your Yoga 2 Hear account page where it is stored indefinitely.

Practise meditation, mindfulness, relaxation and yoga anytime, wherever and whenever you choose.

All Yoga 2 Hear audio yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses are devised and narrated by leading yoga, meditation and relaxation teacher and writer Sue Fuller.