Bedtime Relaxations for Children


Bedtime Relaxations for Children contains six different guided relaxation sessions. These sessions have been devised to help young minds sleep peacefully night after night. Each guided relaxation encourages deep relaxation so that even the busiest of minds can unwind and move into a more relaxed state. 

Having a child that struggles to sleep can be stressful for the whole family. These guided relaxations have been devised to help both parent and child relax at the end of the day. Each session will guide your child safely through a series of relaxation techniques and take them on different imaginary journeys. Doing so will help to clear their minds and relax them physically and emotionally, making sleep more achievable.  Sleep becomes more achievable once the body and mind have reached a state of deep relaxation.

Learning to relax at an early age is an important life skill that can be drawn on at any time however young or old. These bedtime relaxations for children will benefit the whole family by removing some of the stress out of bedtimes, they will help your child drift peacefully to sleep, which will give you more time to rest and recharge. After a good nights sleep the whole family will feel refreshed and recharged.

These Bedtime Relaxations have been devised and narrated by Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation teacher Sue Fuller.

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