Yoga to Help Heal Old Wounds

Yoga to Help Heal Old Wounds

December 27, 2019

Drawing on techniques learnt on the yoga mat will help us find different ways of accepting or coping with life’s ups and downs. 

Practicing yoga with awareness is a positive step towards releasing emotions and healing old wounds.

There is no one technique or practice that will heal old wounds, it is only through continuously rolling out the yoga mat and integrating the practices into everyday life that these deep benefits are experienced.

Quite simply yoga makes us feel good, it boosts our over-all health and well-being physically and emotionally. Yoga is non-violent, it is kind and nurturing, yet it also brings deep physical strength. It encourages us to be kinder to ourselves and others. These improved feelings of well-being have a huge positive impact, when we feel good life often seems easier, we are naturally more resilient, and it is easier to let go of negative habits, thoughts or emotions.

Through becoming mindful on our yoga mats, we connect with ourselves on a deep level, this allows us to make good decisions. These choices extend way beyond the parameters of the yoga mat and influence our diet, lifestyle, friendship choices, work and well-being, all of which have a positive knock on effect.

By learning different yoga techniques, we can easily identify negative emotions and work to release them. Some of which we will let go of without making a conscious decision to do so.

Yoga teaches acceptance and shows us that change is guaranteed and that change too can be a positive experience.

Even on our yoga mats we are constantly experiencing and exposed to change (postures feel different daily or the same posture can even feel different during different times in the same practise), discovering this on our mats helps us accept and cope with change when we are not on our mats.

When it comes to healing old wounds, take time to roll out your yoga mat regularly. When you find that your mind is over active you could try rmoving through a simple yoga practise that focuses on a smooth steady flow of breath, this style of practice will help to focus and calm a busy mind.

Make sure that you seek professional advice too.

The Yoga 2 Hear Yoga for Compassion or Gentle Yoga for Mindfulness classes are nurturing practices that combine Yoga and Meditation, both practices help to increase self awareness and self healing.