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Yoga 2 Hear Zoom Classes

May 07, 2020

Yoga 2 Hear Zoom Classes

During this unusual time I have decided to offer Yoga classes via Zoom.

I shall be starting with 3 classes a week. 

My priority is to make sure the classes are achievable and easy to follow. I plan to keep the classes simple so that you finish the class feeling good having completed the whole session. 

To protect your privacy the classes that I will be presenting will not be gallery style classes. 

During a Yoga 2 Hear Zoom session, you will only see myself on your screen.

Yoga brings so many benefits, which can be enhanced when we are able to commit completely to the session, an added visual distraction could make focusing on your practice more challenging than it needs to be.

Yoga 2 Hear zoom classes will be instructed by myself, in the same way that I present my audio classes. Instructions will be easy to follow, my image will appear on your screen should you require a visual reference, I encourage you to follow the session by just listening to my voice if possible. 

I will not be able to see participants that join me for the live session, due to protecting your privacy I will not be using your names. Your video and sound will be deactivated by myself, however please feel free to email me with any questions about your practice.

I am also available for private sessions or to teach your group. If you are an existing group it is possible to offer a gallery style class so long as all participants consent to this - please email me for more information or to book a session.

Due to time zones the only way I could meet some of the requests was to make the sessions available for 24 hrs. After paying for your session you will receive your confirmation email this contains a link to your log in details for the class that you have purchased, you can log in at the time the class goes live or after the class has finished I will send you a link that is live for 24 hrs, so that you can click on the link and follow the class in your own time.

NB Classes are only available for 24 hrs after the class has finished. You must book your place before the class commences.

Yoga 2 Hear Zoom Classes

Classes starting 19th May 2020

Tuesday 07:00 am – 08:00 am GMT Gentle Flow and Release

This class is suitable for Beginners, it works with the breath to gently transition through postures and movements. It includes gentle floor, seated and standing postures and finishes with a guided relaxation.

Wednesday 07:00 am – 08:00 am GMT Dynamic Flow and Release

This class is suitable for those who are familiar with basic yoga postures, it will flow freely between a selection of dynamic postures and finish with a guided relaxation.

Thursday 07:00 am – 08:00 am GMT Restorative Yin Yoga

This class will consist of floor based nurturing postures, to help re align the body and release deep set tension in the muscles and the connective tissues.

I will not be including any full inversions or postures that require spotting by a teacher.

Please make sure that you have enough space to fully extend your arms when lying, sitting or standing, always use a non-slip yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in, bare feet is also necessary, however you can slip socks on for the final relaxation.

Please note I will add more classes over the coming weeks.

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