Welcoming 2022

Welcoming 2022

January 07, 2022

Welcoming 2022

It seems most fitting to welcome this year and hope that it is one that brings health and happiness to all. 

The last few years have been challenging in so many ways for so many people.  Yoga 2 Hear are grateful to all our customers for supporting us through these difficult and unusual times. We would like to thank you for the support. We are delighted with the feedback that we have received and happy that our classes helped many of you maintain a yoga practice when everything else was unavailable or restricted.

Please do keep sending your feedback to us. This enables us to create the audio yoga classes that you want. Sue will also answer all your yoga questions so please keep emailing.

During lockdown Yoga 2 Hear released their Diploma in Teaching Yoga, this has been rated as a 300hour instructor course by the World Yoga alliance. This means that the Yoga 2 Hear Instructor course is great value for money as it provides more credibility than a 200 hour course. This teacher training course has taken years of research and planning to create, it contains all the required information to ensure that those that train with Yoga 2 Hear graduate feeling prepared, confident and ready to launch a new and rewarding career as a Yoga Teacher. Plus Yoga 2 Hear students receive personalised training from Sue if they require it at no extra cost. 

This year Yoga 2 Hear are expanding their range of teacher training courses and they have plenty of new releases ready to record. Make sure that you have signed up to the newsletter so that you hear about what's new for Yoga 2 Hear.

Sue will be updating the blog pages weekly and sending out more frequent newsletters.

Stay safe and healthy and please do get in touch with any questions or suggestions.