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Moving into 2020

January 11, 2020

Moving into 2020

As we move into 2020 Yoga 2 Hear enters it's 15th year of trading. When I look back, 15  years ago I was not convinced that digitally downloading an audio yoga class would ever be a success. It took some persuading for me to add this option alongside CD's.

Little did I know... even libraries offer this service now.

Yoga 2 Hear now only offer classes as MP3 downloads, this is something that I never expected.

When we began trading 15 years ago there were just six titles in our range, our range now contains over 60 different classes including meditation, relaxation and pranayama classes as well as a vast range of different yoga classes.

My aim for Yoga 2 Hear in 2020 is to keep creating new audio yoga classes, write more yoga articles for the site and to send out a few more newsletters (hopefully 1 newsletter every 2 weeks). These newsletters will include yoga articles, featured postures, tips and more information about some of our classes, as well as special offers and new releases. 

I am always delighted to receive emails with yoga related questions, I love it when customers email me with class or article suggestions, so please keep your emails coming in.

I am wishing a happy and healthy 2020 to you all.