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How to Become a Yoga Teacher

December 01, 2021

How to Become a Yoga Teacher

Finding out how to become a yoga teacher or how to qualify as a yoga instructor can be daunting. There are so many courses and pathways available. Yoga has no governing body specifying a suitable route so you can choose and create your own journey. However it is important that you find a reputable course, that is accredited by a bonified organisation. This gives you faith in the course content and the qualification that you receive. It will add to your credibility as a yoga teacher, your reputation will be valued by your students and employers. It also means that you can apply for all the required insurances. 

Teaching Yoga or being a Yoga Instructor is a very rewarding occupation. If you have a keen interest in yoga and health, if you are passionate about practicing yoga and have a real desire to share its many benefits with others, then a yoga teacher could be the ideal career path for you. Teaching yoga can fit around your life. You can choose the hours that you work. You choose how you work, whether offering classes online or face to face. You can choose what group of people you teach, for example beginners, children, elderly, sports professionals, people in a workplace and more. Quite simply a career as a yoga teacher provides flexibility on all levels, which also boosts your own personal well-being. This has a huge knock-on effect and will come across in your teaching and your personal life. Plus after teaching yoga for a relatively short time it is possible to recoup your financial out lay. If any of this appeals to you, then it is well worth exploring how to become a yoga teacher in more detail.

Where to start, with so many Yoga Teacher Training Courses available? It is a good idea to decide for yourself how you can manage your studies. Can you take time away from work and other commitments? Do you have the additional finances to pay for residential weekends? If you were to study all of the course content over one month would you retain the information? After a short course would you be prepared and ready to present your classes to other people? Or would you prefer to take your time and learn over a longer period of time?

Yoga 2 Hear also asked all of these questions and this is why we created our 300 hour diploma in teaching yoga. The Yoga 2 Hear Yoga Instructor course naturally progresses over ten informative modules. Each module is delivered to you digitally, all course content is yours to keep forever. Yoga 2 Hear also feel that every learner is different and will have different requirements so included in the Yoga 2 Hear Teacher Training courses are additional one to one tutorials for no extra cost, these are available to all course participants, this ensures that all course content is understood.

Yoga 2 Hear understand how precious time is, and how challenging it can be to take time away from work or family life. So their Teacher Training courses are to be completed in your own time. There are no deadlines. However there are assessments with each module so your progress is continuously monitored. You can start and finish a Yoga 2 Hear teacher training course at anytime and take breaks from your studies whenever you need to.

Yoga is such a vast subject, its evolution spans thousands of years, it is therefore important to take time when studying, so that the information is absorbed and embodied. Courses that are taught over an extended time period, will help to integrate the practice, by taking your time it is possible to deepen your understanding of the subject.

Although there are many yoga organisations that accredit Yoga Instructor and Yoga Teacher training courses, there are some organisations that review courses in their entirety The World Yoga Alliance is one of these organisations. Because the World Yoga Alliance take that extra step when it comes to accreditation Yoga 2 Hear decided that this powerful stamp of approval was a worthy one.

Is it expensive to become a yoga teacher?

The price range of Yoga Teacher Training courses is vast. Some courses might appear expensive but if you take into consideration each yoga class could earn a yoga teacher anywhere between £35 - £150 then it is possible to make back your course fees in a relatively short time. So it is worth investing in the course that is right for you.

Many yoga teacher training courses offer payment plans. Yoga 2 Hear offer the following payment plan an initial £200 payment followed by 10 further payments of £139.50. With Yoga 2 Hear these are not monthly payments, each payment releases a module so if you want to take a study holiday you also receive a payment holiday.

Why do some yoga teacher training course list the hours and some provide a level?

To work as a yoga instructor, it is best to gain at least a 200hour accredited qualification. Of course more hours provides you with more knowledge and a higher rated qualification. Some yoga schools might list their courses as levels 1 - 5, look for a teacher training course that provides you with a level 2 or higher.

Take time to research courses and speak to course organisers and tutors to find the one that is right for you.

To find out more about the Yoga 2 Hear Diploma in Teaching Yoga please fill in the application form, you will then be invited to select a time for Sue to telephone you and answer any questions that you have.