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300 Hour Diploma in Teaching Yoga

June 05, 2021

300 Hour Diploma in Teaching Yoga

The Yoga 2 Hear Diploma in Teaching Yoga has been assessed by the World Yoga Alliance and approved as a 300 hour teacher training course. This recognition provides a powerful stamp of approval, giving students the confidence to know that this teacher training course will be recognised globally. 

The course has taken years of dedicated research, writing and recording to create. The Yoga 2 Hear's teacher training course provides new teachers with all the tools they require to become knowledgeable and confident teachers of yoga who embody the practice. The course includes plenty of techniques and practices to encourage an intricate understanding of how yoga influences and enhances physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. From this platform sharing yoga and being able to adapt practices for others becomes second nature. This course encourages teachers to discover and explore the practice in great detail so that it is possible to create and lead well structured, safe and relevant yoga classes with truth and integrity.

This course is delivered over ten modules, each module progresses deeper into the practice. Throughout the course you will receive full support and guidance from Sue Fuller who has been teaching yoga since 1995.

Each module includes a PDF booklet, multiple audio lessons, an audio posture study with photographic guide booklet and an assessment. During the course students are required to attend regular 1-1 tutorials with Sue.

Successful completion of this course permits entry to the World Yoga Alliance as a Registered Teacher of Yoga. Find out more about the WYA. As the course is certified as 300 hours of training you will also be able to join other governing bodies such as the Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Yoga 2 Hear are recognised as a Training Provider and Education Partner by CIMSPA (The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity), this accreditation gives all Yoga 2 Hear Teacher Training courses another powerful stamp of approval.

On completion of this course UK students can apply for public liability insurance through the BGI.

The Yoga 2 Hear Diploma in Teaching Yoga encourages teachers to embody the practice and teach honestly with integrity from a place of wisdom and truth. 

This course has been created so that it integrates seamlessly into life, in a similar way to how yoga percolates through every layer of existence. Yoga 2 Hear are passionate about sharing yoga and ensuring that all those that study with them graduate feel. completely prepared and confident.

There are no hidden costs or additional requirements and if you need extra help or assistance Sue is on hand to guide you through the course.

Yoga 2 Hear have planned a whole series of continuing education programs and specialist modules, this allows yoga teachers to continue their studies to specialise further and deepen their knowledge.