This course has been devised specifically for existing yoga teachers who have completed the Yoga 2 Hear Diploma in Teaching Yoga or a 200 hour or greater yoga certification from a recognised school of yoga. The Yoga 2 Hear Vinyasa Yoga Instructor Course provides flexible, fully supported learning which explores the practice and theory of vinyasa yoga in detail. The course delivers all the knowledge required to format and teach safe and effective vinyasa yoga classes to students of all levels and abilities. 

How the Learning Takes Place

The course offers self-paced flexible online learning. It is structured around a course textbook, six audio practice sessions, four live 1-1 video sessions and a final assessment with Sue or another member of the Yoga 2 Hear team. 

Course Overview 

The course explores vinyasa yoga from many different angles to create a deep awareness and understanding of the practice. Here are some of the topics explored within the course. 

• What is Vinyasa Yoga. 

• The Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga.

• How to Perform Ujjayi Breath. 

• Vinyasa and the Eight Limbs of Yoga. 

• Vinyasa and the Chakras. 

• Vinyasa and the Vayus. 

• Vinyasa and the Koshas. 

• Sun and Moon Salutations. 

• Anchor Postures. 

• Formatting Vinyasa Classes. 

• The Respiratory System. 

• The Cardiovascular System. 

• Safety. 

• Special Considerations. 


To complete your training and receive your certificate you will need to complete a written assessment (this can be delivered orally if preferred). You will also be required to format and teach a Vinyasa Style Yoga Class to Yoga 2 Hear founder Sue Fuller or another member of the Yoga 2 Hear team via Zoom or another video conferencing service. 


This course has been developed and created by Sue Fuller using her many years of research, learning and teaching experience. Sue and other members of the Yoga 2 Hear team are available to provide whatever support you need during your training with Yoga 2 Hear. You are encouraged to email any questions, request a tutorial, a live 1-1 session, or ask for advice whenever it is required. 

Our Commitment to You. 

Yoga 2 Hear are fully committed to helping all those who train with us become confident, knowledgeable and versatile yoga teachers. We value our reputation and yours. Together we can enhance the wellbeing of all those we teach and help maintain the true essence of yoga whilst it continues to evolve and flourish.