Yoga Vinyasas for Improvers Download


Yoga Vinyasas for Improvers is made up of three progressive 26 minute sessions that are suitable for those looking to move on from a beginner level.

These sessions will help to lengthen and strengthen all of the major muscle groups of the body, reduce excess body fat and focus and clear the mind.

The first session includes postures such as Downward Dog with variations, Upward Dog, Plank and Long Lunges. The second session features the eight point salutation and the third session includes a series of postures based on a Sivananda style sun salutation with some variations. Together the sessions form a progressive series that builds in pace and intensity.

The Yoga Vinyasas for Improvers sessions are accompanied by a free PDF visual reference guide booklet that highlights the instruction and gives a series of photos for each yoga posture featured.

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