Lady practicing the yoga posture virabhadrasana 1 - warrior one pose

Virabhadrasana I - Warrior 1

September 22, 2020

Virabhadrasana I - Warrior 1


Vira = hero or warrior.

Bhadra = friend.

Asana = steady pose or posture.

Ekam = one.

This posture strengthens the buttocks, upper thigh and torso, increases flexibility through the pelvis, expands the chest and improves balance. It is a very grounding posture, whilst performing it work to connect your feet to the earth.

How to Perform Virabhadrasana 1

Stand with your feet leg length apart. Have your left foot facing 12 0'clock and your right foot facing 2 or 3 0’clock. Your hips and torso are facing forward. As you inhale lift your arms so that your hands are level with your shoulders (moving through warrior II). Exhale and soften the shoulders away from the ears whilst keeping your arms level with your shoulders. Continue to breathe slowly through the nose. Bend your right knee so the knee is above the right ankle.

Turn your torso 90 degrees to the right keeping your arms level with your shoulders. After doing this, widen your stance by stepping your left foot to the left a little. This allows you to rotate your hips so that they are under your shoulders. Lift your arms up to a prayer position above the head and look towards the hands. Energise the outside edge of the left foot so that you feel grounded. If you find looking up uncomfortable for the neck look straight forward.

Breathe slowly through the nose and keep lifting the lower abdominal muscles. Hold for ten breaths and then repeat on the other side inhaling and exhaling slowly through the nose.

This blog article was written by Sue Fuller creator of the Yoga 2 Hear range of audio yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses.

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