Yoga Class Standing in Tadasana the mountain with hands in Anjali Mudra, Prayer Position or Namaste

Tadasana - The Mountain

April 06, 2020


Tadasana the mountain provides a foundation for all standing postures.

This posture allows you to establish a solid base. It helps open the chest and align the spine. It allows you to focus on your posture and discover how your body feels when you are standing with the weight evenly distributed. 

How to do Tadasana - The Mountain Pose

Begin standing, depending upon the shape of your feet you can either stand with feet together or join the base of the big toes or you can even have a small space between the insides of your feet. See if you can stand with the second toes pointing straight forward. 

Take your time to distribute your weight evenly through the soles of your feet.

Feel the connection between your feet and the earth.

Allow your arms to relax alongside your body. Or bring your palms together into Anjali Mudra (prayer position).

Draw up your lower abdominal muscles and allow the tail bone to relax and lengthen.

Feel yourself growing out of the crown of your head, broaden your upper back and relax your shoulders. 

Breathe slowly in and out through your nose.

This posture is great for Beginners as it helps to develop a foundation in the practice.