lady performing the yoga pose sarvangasana - shoulder standa

Salamba Sarvangasana – Shoulder Stand

December 01, 2020

Salamba Sarvangasana – Shoulder Stand

Sah-lahm-bah Sar-van-GAS-ah-nah.

Salamba = Supported.

Sarva = Entire.

Anga = Body or Limb.

Asana = Steady Pose or Posture.

This posture is often just referred to as Sarvangasana.

This posture is great for digestion, calming the mind and increasing focus. It also helps to balance the endocrine system. It is a soothing posture when practiced correctly.

It is an advanced posture and care should always be taken.

How to Perform Sarvangasana

Lie on your back and roll your knees in towards your forehead. Allow the hips to leave the floor and then bend your elbows placing your hands to your lower back for support. Make sure that your chin is lifted a little so that the back of the neck is not on the floor. Now slowly extend your legs straight up above your pelvis.

Stay here for twenty complete breaths through the nose.

It is not advisable to perform this posture if you are menstruating, if you suffer from glaucoma, high blood pressure, if you are pregnant or if you suffer from headaches.

If this posture is not for you try resting with your legs extended up a wall or lying with your knees bent and your feet on a chair.

This blog article was written by Sue Fuller creator of the Yoga 2 Hear range of audio yoga classes and yoga teacher training courses.

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