Pregnant lady practicing yoga at home

Yoga During Pregnancy

May 01, 2020

Yoga will enhance and support your pregnancy and prepare body and mind for birth and beyond.

During pregnancy the body is undergoing continuous changes. It is usual to feel tired and a little anxious. Mild pain can be experienced as the body changes shape, bowel movement may become sluggish, you might find that you pass water more than usual as the baby applies pressure to the bladder, the body may swell and emotions can run wild! 

Yoga can help you embrace these changes so long as your yoga practice is a gentle, safe, effective and nurturing.

Yoga encourages mindful movement; this is extremely valuable as the body changes in shape. Becoming aware of how you move, sit, stand and lie will provide protection and minimise any unnecessary strain or joint pain. 

Yoga helps to balance emotions. Yoga will provide you with techniques to help you adjust to any changes and cope when you feel physically or emotionally challenged.

Yoga teaches valuable breathing and relaxation techniques and provides a time for you to connect with your growing baby. 

Always practice yoga mindfully and listen to your body if something feels uncomfortable don’t do it. 

Yoga 2 Hear have a range of Prenatal Yoga Classes devised especially to enhance your pregnancy.

It is important that before you commence your prenatal yoga practice you consult your GP or midwife. They can advise you when the time is right for you to begin your yoga practice. 

Having a baby is a magical life changing experience.

Yoga has the ability to enhance this experience for everyone. 

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