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The Benefits of Regular Relaxation

December 11, 2019

Regular relaxation brings so many benefits including:-

Relaxation clears and focuses the mind

Improves concentration

Enhances sleep pattern

Reduces fatigue

Raises energy levels

Balances the production of stress hormones

Helps to eliminate muscular stress and tension

Improves posture

Enhances digestion

Balances emotions

Encourages acceptance

Reduces anxiety

Improves patience and tolerance

Reduces anger and frustration

Encourages a more positive outlook

Increases compassion

Lifts mood

Boosts positivity

Helps to make sense of your thoughts

Improves relationships

Helps with decision making

Regulates heart rate and blood pressure

Improves breathing technique

Enhances immune system

Improves performance at work and in education

In fact the list continues and research is always revealing more and more reasons why taking time out for regular relaxation sessions is time well spent to enhance over-all health and well-being.

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