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Prenatal Relaxation consists of two different 20 minute relaxation sessions that are suitable for use during pregnancy and the first stage of labour. Both sessions feature carefully selected yoga breathing exercises (pranayamas) combined with simple but effective visualisation and muscle relaxation techniques that have been specifically chosen to deeply relax body and mind and encourage mum-to-be to focus on her growing baby.

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The first session has been devised to be followed whilst seated and the second is followed whilst lying down. The sessions are designed to deeply relax body and mind and the techniques used will also help to naturally relieve many of the common ailments experienced during pregnancy such as nausea, fatigue and disrupted sleep. In addition the sessions encourage the mum-to-be to focus on her growing baby, it is this focus that helps to create and develop a magical bond between them.

The Prenatal Relaxation sessions use clear, easy-to-follow expert instruction combined with soothing background music tracks to form safe, practical and effective relaxations that will make a real difference to pregnancy, labour, birth, and life as a new mum.

The sessions are devised and instructed by leading yoga teacher and mother of two, Sue Fuller. Sue is the resident yoga expert for Natural Health Magazine and is the author of the British School Yoga's Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Course. She devised these sessions using her expert knowledge of prenatal yoga combined with her own experiences during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Prenatal Relaxation is accompanied by a PDF guide book that highlights the instruction, provides reference photos and gives helpful tips on how to get the most from the sessions. View the Prenatal Relaxation PDF guide book.

We recommend using this class in conjunction with the Yoga2hear Prenatal Yoga class.

Prenatal Relaxation was first released in May 2012 and was updated and re-released in August 2014.

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