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Beginners Yoga Vol.1 is an easy to follow 60 minute class that has been devised for the absolute beginner. The class uses expert tuition to clearly instruct a series of simple and effective yoga postures that build the ideal foundation for those wishing to begin to discover yoga and enjoy its many benefits.

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Beginners Yoga Vol.1 begins with a short guided relaxation session to focus the mind and prepare the body for the session. The class then guides you expertly through 14 simple and effective yoga postures including Spinal Twist, Tree, Warrior 2 and Cat before concluding with a longer guided relaxation. Each posture is introduced using clear, easy-to-follow instruction which is combined with a soothing background music track.

The class is accompanied by a free PDF guide book that highlights the instructions and gives a series of reference photos for each yoga posture featured. View the Beginners Yoga Vol.1 guide book.

Beginners Yoga Vol.1 is devised and instructed by Sue Fuller. Sue is the resident yoga expert for Natural Health Magazine and is a leading yoga teacher, writer and training course author who has taught yoga around the world since 1995. Sue has developed a method of clearly instructing yoga specifically for audio classes and recorded this class in a professional recording studio.

We recommend using this class in conjunction with the Yoga2hear Beginners Yoga Vol.2 & 3 classes, the Yoga2hear Beginners Daily Yoga classes and the Yoga2hear Yoga Vinyasas for Beginners classes. Using a selection of suitable classes will provide variety and give exposure to a broad range of basic yoga postures and flowing vinyasa techniques. This works to establish the firm foundation that is required before moving on to more advanced postures, techniques and variations and the increased benefits they bring to your life.

Beginners Yoga Vo.1 was first released in January 2006 and was updated and re-released January 2015.

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