Vrksasana - The Tree - Yoga PostureWhat is your Prominent Guna?  By Sue Fuller 

Discovering and understanding the three gunas and their prominence reveals how yoga gradually filters into every aspect of our lives. 

Find out what your prominent guna is by taking this fun quiz. The gunas are the qualities of nature that are constantly changing to enable evolution to occur. 

Meet the Gunas  

Tamas is lazy and slow moving.    

Tamasic food grows with little or no sunlight.  Tamasic food is often pre-prepared or fast food and heavy meals that take a long time to digest.  Examples of tamasic foods are mushrooms, eggs from caged chickens, ready meals, red meats and large roasted dinners.  

A tamasic yogi might not fully commit or begin to attend classes and then quit.  They might also long for a miracle solution to advance their yoga practice without any hard work.  

Rajas is fast moving, energetic and often driven by the ego.    

Rajasic food will stimulate the body and mind.  Examples of rajasic food are sugar, caffeine, alcohol, heavily spiced foods and foods that have been cooked quickly.  

A rajasic yogi can be competitive with both themselves and their class mates, they might like people to notice how well they have mastered some postures.  Their minds are busy and constantly active, when rajas is the prominent guna it can be tricky to internalise your focus.  

Ganesha - The Elephant GodSattva is intelligent thoughtful and pure by nature. 

Sattvic food is grown in as much sunlight as possible. Examples of sattvic food are fresh raw fruit and vegetables, pulses and grains, seeds, sprouts and nuts.  All satvic food is freshly prepared and never pre-cooked or heated in a microwave.  

A sattvic yogi is calm, connected and peaceful and thrives on knowledge. They practise regularly, find time to for silence and personal growth and find it easy to internalise their focus and not be influenced by others.  

It is important to understand that every one of us has all of these gunas present and the prominent guna constantly changes.  Explore the rise and fall of your gunas light heartedly.  

Be aware that each one of the gunas could be prominent and this could change many times just during a yoga class or even during one asana.  

Take this fun quiz to deepen your understanding of the gunas and to find out how your prominent guna can and will change regularly, just as our moods lift and lower. 

1.  You have arranged to meet friends do you meet them...

A) At the nearby coffee shop to save you having to travel too far. 

B) An expensive restaurant because it is fashionable to be seen there. 

C) At a juice bar.  

2. You are feeling a little tired and fancy a morning snack, would you choose... 

A) A large chocolate chip cookie because it happens to be close at hand.  

B) An energy bar and a fizzy drink.  

C) A fresh fruit salad and herbal tea.  

3.  A friend has given you a guess pass to a local gym do you... 

A) Rest in the café and wait for your friend. 

B) Attend a fast moving exercise class as it really shows everyone how fit you are. 

C) Opt for a mind body and soul class.  

4.  You have decided to take a little time out for your self, do you... 

A) Watch a DVD at home.  

B) Go on a shopping spree. 

C) Visit a place of natural beauty.  

5.  What is your ideal holiday? 

A) An all inclusive resort.  

B) A high end hotel as it looks and sounds good.  

C) A camping trip where you can really get back to nature.  

6.  You are going out with friends for lunch how do you get there? 

A) By car.  

B) You ask your friend with the nicest car to drive you there. 

C) Take public transport.  

7.  You notice that someone has slipped over in the street do you... 

A)  Walk quickly past as you hope the next person will stop. 

B)  Shout loudly about your first aid skills and take charge of the whole situation. 

C) Offer your assistance in anyway and stay with them until the appropriate and suitable help arrives.  

8.  In a restaurant which of these deserts would you choose? 

A) Steamed treacle pudding and custard. 

B) Tiramasu. 

C) Fresh fruit salad.  

How did you score?  

Mostly A’s  

Tamas is your prominent in Guna.  You could try setting your alarm a little earlier and perform a sun salutation first thing in the morning to move any stagnant energy around the body and shake any feelings of lethargy.  

Mostly B’s   

Rajas is your prominent Guna.  Try a little meditation or even some relaxation or pranayama exercises when your mind feels over active. You could also aim to increase your consumption of sattvic foods.  

Mostly C’s 

Sattva is your prominent Guna. Keep doing what you are doing and remember a little rajas and tamas helps to keep the balance in this modern busy world.  

This quiz is designed to be fun and highlights the constant rise and fall of the gunas.    

Inspirational Quote


Sometimes in the waves of change, we find our true direction - Unknown  


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