Yoga for Vitality by Sue FullerYoga to Enhance your Vitality by Sue Fuller

When our vitality is high we feel strong, healthy, well balanced and motivated.

Vitality is essential to well-being.  When vitality is high the body feels strong, agile and free from pain, the mind is clear and able to focus and we feel more energised and vibrant.

Our levels of vitality will frequently change, a regular yoga practice can help maintain and balance vitality by helping to remove toxins and stagnant energy that quite naturally encourage vitality to diminish.

When vitality is low it is not uncommon to feel tired and irritable, to crave unhealthy food and feel stressed, overwhelmed or even unwell.

Tapas and Agni

Many yoga techniques can increase tapas (internal warmth) and ignite the internal fire known as agni.  This internal warmth and fire has the ability to remove toxins and impurities from both the body and mind, this produces a strong and healthy body free from tension and ailments and a clear and focussed mind which will help to maintain vitality and motivation.

As fire requires air, so agni requires breath in the form of pranayama, the breath should remain constant and steady.  To help intensify and control the heat, internal and external breath retentions (khumbhaka) and locks (bandhas) are practiced. 

Bandhas (energy locks or seals)

The following two locks (Bandhas) are used to lock the warmth (tapas) and vital life force (prana) inside the body, allowing extra heat to generate and maintain the internal fire (agni).  This will accelerate the purification process and help to remove blockages in the energy zones, raising vitality. 

These two practices are included in the Yoga 2 Hear Yoga for Vitality audio yoga class.

Mula Bandha – the root lock

A simple and basic way to begin to activate the root lock is to draw up the pelvic floor muscles, by practicing this muscular contraction it becomes easier to locate the lock and activate this bandha.  Its true location is the cervix for a woman and the perineum for a man. 

Uddiyana Bandha – the abdominal lock

Once Mula Bandha has been activated continue to draw up the internal muscles and then pull your navel back towards your spine.

Yoga for Vitality has been devised to help raise and maintain vitality it is perfect for those with some knowledge of basic yoga practices.  It includes two different dancing warriors to enhance energy flow and remove blockages in the energy zones, the closing postures focus on soothing and nurturing the body, whilst the final relaxation will provide the time and space for the body to recover and integrate the practice.

Sue Fuller is a leading yoga teacher and writer with over 20 years of experience.  Sue is the creator of the Yoga 2 Hear range of audio yoga classes, there are over 60 different audio yoga classes that are available through all major book sellers and from