Beginners Daily Yoga Sue FullerYoga for I.B.S by Sue Fuller

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is extremely common, practicing yoga brings so many benefits and could offer some form of relief for many I.B.S sufferers.

It is estimated that 1 in 5 people in the UK will develop I.B.S at some point in their lives.  It is not uncommon for sufferers of I.B.S to experience stress, mild depression and anxiety due to discomfort caused by the condition. 

Yoga can provide relief for some of the symptoms and also reduce any stress, mild depression and anxiety experienced by the condition. Yoga is therefore the perfect activity to provide support and relief for I.B.S sufferers.

Although stress may aggravate I.B.S it does not cause the condition, however many find that their symptoms increase during frequent periods of increased stress. Yoga provides tools and techniques that will enable practitioners to manage how they react to stress and stressful situations.

Some foods may also trigger the condition this will vary from person to person.  However as yoga helps you tune into your body and its needs and requirements it could help you avoid substances that trigger the condition.

Hormone imbalances may also trigger I.B.S, yoga practices can help to balance the endocrine system and regulate hormone secretions.

Through yoga practices practitioners get to know themselves on a deep level and identify any triggers that might stimulate a negative response within the body.  This connection also encourages practitioners to develop healthy choices.

Yoga postures that gently squeeze, stretch and rotate the torso area help to massage digestive organs and move waste and gas through the system.

Improvers Daily Yoga by Sue FullerStart with a few real simple yoga postures that massage the digestive organs, such as Cat, Spinal Twist, Half Bridge, Wind Relieving Posture and Savasana.

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