Vrksasana -The TreeVrksasana -The Tree by  Sue Fuller

This posture will improve overall balance (physical and emotional).  It will strengthen the supporting leg and help develop core strength.

Begin standing with your weight evenly distributed through both feet.  Transfer all of your weight onto your left leg and pick up the right foot.  Place the sole of the right foot against the left inner thigh with the toe pointing down.  If you are knew to yoga just place the right foot against the inside of the left calf.

Draw up your lower abdominal muscles and feel as though your left foot is connecting you to the earth. 


Vrksasana -The Tree (prayer position above the head)

When you feel ready bring your hands to a prayer position (Anjali mudra) in front of your chest.  When you have established your balance keep your palms together and lift your hands above your head.

Beginners can perform this posture facing a wall with the finger tips touching the wall for balance.

Breathe slowly in and out through your nose as you hold this posture for 3 breaths at first and then longer as your balance improves. 

Remember to repeat on the other side so that you work both sides equally.

This posture is great for Beginners it helps to develop a foundation in the practice. 

Sue Fuller is a leading yoga teacher and writer.  She has created over 60 audio yoga classes for all different levels and requirements, classes are available from www.yoga2hear.co.uk and www.wellbeingworldonline.com.