Virabhadrasana Three - Warrior 3Virabhadrasana Three – Warrior 3 by Sue Fuller

This posture is great for balance and increasing the strength and tone of the legs and core.  It will also improve focus and concentration.

There are a number of ways to get into this posture  beginning in tadasana (the mountain) is a great way to start as you can work on your alignment and weight distribution before you attempt to balance.

Begin standing, with your weight distributed evenly through the soles of your feet and your arms alongside your body.


Extend your left leg behind you, keeping the hips square and the leg as straight as you comfortably can.  As you lift your leg allow your torso to move forwards, so that you move your body like a seesaw.  Stop when your torso and the lifted leg is parallel with the floor.

Start by keeping your arms alongside your body, your lower abdominals drawn up and your navel drawn back towards your spine. 

Virabhadrasana Three - Warrior 3When you feel ready remain strong through the core and extend your arms straight forward alongside your ears so that your arms are also parallel with the ground.

Breathe slowly through your nose for five or more complete breaths before repeating on the other side.

It is also possible to do this posture in front of a wall.  Stand with your back against the wall and take one big step forwards.  Now turn to face the wall, begin to lift the leg and move the torso forwards, reach your fingertips forwards onto the wall for stability.  Just move as far into the posture as is comfortable for you.

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