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After practising yoga regularly, many yoga practitioners find that their whole lifestyle has changed, learn more about what creates a yogic lifestyle. 

What is a yogic lifestyle?

A Yogic Lifestyle includes regular asana practice (physical yoga postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises), relaxation and meditation techniques, a healthy vegetarian diet and positive thinking.

The changes to lifestyle are not forced and just gradually filter into your life.  Many people just find that after practising yoga for a while that they no longer crave unhealthy snacks or that they begin to adopt slightly different views. 

Many practitioners of yoga become more compassionate towards themselves, others and the environment.

According to Swami Sivananda these are the five components that create the Yogic Lifestyle.

Asanas (physical postures)

Asana translates to mean steady pose.

Asanas strengthen and lengthen all of the major muscle groups of the body.  They massage and stimulate internal organs helping them function more efficiently.  Yoga asanas improve posture this will help to eliminate joint pain and prevent future injuries.


Prana is the vital life force, it is something that is shared throughout the entire universe.  The word pranayama translates to mean restrain or control of vital life force.

Through yoga and pranayama practises yoga students lean to control their prana to encourage health, vitality and clarity.

Amongst many things pranayamas raise oxygen levels this will help the body to function more efficiently. Pranayamas also increase the lung capacity, cleanse the respiratory tract and induce deep relaxation.

Relaxation and Meditation techniques

Relaxation and Meditation should not be over looked, they provide the much required balance to the busy highly stressed world that we might find ourselves amidst.

During relaxation and meditation the body can heel and recover,  the immune system can fight infections and the mind is able to clear. 


A healthy vegetarian diet free from additives and preservatives will help body and mind function more efficiently, raise energy and reduce excess levels of body fat.

Although for many a vegetarian diet might not suit, this is fine too, try to eat fresh and healthy food which is as unprocessed as possible.

Positive Thinking

Yoga can change the way we view the world.  Yoga techniques do raise self- esteem.  This positive energy is extremely contagious and can be enjoyed by all those who we are in close contact with. This is a positive bi product that can happen naturally without being driven by the ego.

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